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68 Tahun Berkarya Bangun Negeri, PTPP Sabet Lima Piagam Penghargaan MURI
27 August 2021

68 Years of Working to Build the Nation, PTPP Wins Five MURI Award Certificates

PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the leading, largest, and leading construction and investment companies in Indonesia (“PTPP”) welcomes the company's 68th anniversary which falls on August 26, 2021 with the theme of celebrating Birthday, namely "Agility in Harmony". This theme is a manifestation of PTPP as one of the best contracting companies in Indonesia, which must always be adaptive and agile with rapid changes. Agility, ingenuity, and agility are the main energies for harmonization and harmony to continue to face challenges in all these limitations.

In order to welcome its anniversary, PTPP held the 68th anniversary peak event which was held for the second time virtually. All PTPP personnel participated in and witnessed the peak of the anniversary celebration event through a virtual application provided by the organizing committee. In addition to the celebration of the peak event that took place today, previously PTPP had carried out several company activities as a series of events for the 68th anniversary. The activities that have been organized by the company, among others: distribution of basic food packages to workers and communities around the company, blood donors, convalescent plasma donors, giving Covid-19 vaccinations to employees' families and the surrounding community, inauguration of employee health services provided by the company. the name “First Aid Station”, PP Awards, PP Idol, CEO Talks, webinars, etc.

In the celebration of the 68th anniversary of PTPP, several Ministries and Directors of SOEs participated in congratulating them as a form of friendship and synergy that must be maintained with each other. In addition, in the virtual event, PTPP also invited seniors and former officials who had served in the company and remained part of the PTPP extended family. This is done to maintain ties of friendship, intimacy, and increase a sense of kinship within the PTPP extended family.

On the company's 68th anniversary, we have made many great achievements. As a pioneer, PTPP has built many historic and monumental works in Indonesia, for example the first hotel in Indonesia, namely Hotel Indonesia, then the first cable-stayed bridge in Indonesia, namely the Barelang Bridge which became the icon of the city of Batam, Yogyakarta International Airport as the airport with the fastest development, Kalibaru Container Terminal as the port with the largest capacity in Indonesia, as well as a series of other prestigious works. All of these works were born from generation to generation, born from the hands of reliable people and young PTPP children who currently also dominate the composition of PP people by 64%. Until now, there have been 1424 innovations, 129 technologies and 11 innovations that have been successfully patented by PP personnel. This year, 1100 other brilliant ideas and works of PP people complete the legacy of the beloved company.