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Pertahankan Gelar Juara, PTPP Sabet 3 (Tiga) Penghargaan Dalam ASIAN Power Awards 2020
11 November 2020

Keeping the Champion Title, PTPP Wins 3 (Three) Awards in the 2020 ASIAN Power Awards

PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the leading construction and investment companies in Indonesia (the “Company”) again won an award at the Asian Power Awards 2020. In this international award event, the Company successfully won 3 (three) awards at once, namely:

1. Category of “Diesel-Fired Power Project of The Year (Gold)” for Diesel Engine Power Plant (DEPP) Senayan 101 MW, Jakarta;

2. Category of “Fuel Power Plant of the Year (Silver)” for Scattered Diesel Dual Fuel Engine (SDFE) Mobile Power Plant Package 1 (120 MW);

3. Category of “Power Plant Upgrade of the Year – Indonesia” for Diesel Engine Power Plant (DEPP) Senayan 101 MW, Jakarta. 

The Asian Power Awards is a prestigious award event dubbed the "Oscar from the Electric Power Industry". The 2020 Asian Power Awards is an award event held for the 16 (sixteen) time. Where in this event, the Company competes with other foreign companies in the Asian region. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic that has hit around the world, the Asian Power Awards 2020 was held virtually from 27 October to 03 November 2020. The company that was named in the award event is an extraordinary company that has projects with breakthroughs and breakthrough initiatives in the energy or electricity sector in Asia.

The Company is very proud to have won this award for 5 (five) consecutive years. The award received by the Company is an appreciation of the hard work of all Company personnel. The company hopes that by receiving the Asian Power Awards 2020 this can motivate the Company to be able to foster innovations in the electric power industry that are better and more innovative in the years to come. The company also hopes to maintain the title of champion in this event every year. Do not forget to thank the stakeholders who have supported and trusted the Company, namely Indonesia Power as the Customer and Wartsila as the Company's Equipment Partner.

In 2020, there are about 50 (fifty) companies in Asia that have been awarded the "Oscar from the Electric Power Industry". This year is the 5th (fifth) year in which the Company has won the Asian Power Award from 2016 to 2020. The award event was organized by Asian Power Magazine, which is a media based in Singapore specifically for the publication of the power generation and transmission industry that is distributed in the Asia Pacific Region.