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PTPP Ikuti Public Expose Live 2020
27 August 2020

PTPP Participates in Public Expose Live 2020


PT PP (Persero) Tbk (“the Company”) participated in the Public Expose (“Pubex”) Live 2020 organized by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (“IDX”) on Thursday afternoon (27/08). The Public Expose held by the IDX this year is different from the previous years where the implementation of the activities is running in full virtual way without any face-to-face meetings. The Pubex Live 2020 event was also attended by the Board of Directors and Management of the Company virtually. As a public company and listed on the IDX, by carrying out this Pubex Live obligation, the Company has fulfilled its annual obligation to carry out an Annual Public Expose.

In implementing this Pubex Live, the Company provides an overview of the latest information regarding the development and performance of the company. Where in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic conditions this year and facing the future, the Company continues to develop various corporate strategy concepts that will be applied in running the company's business wheels. The company strategy development is carried out in order to increase the company's performance growth. The defensive strategies implemented by the Company during the pandemic included: divestment, cash flow leadership, debt restructuring, company reorganization, customer focus, selective & reduce capex, cost reduction strategic, and tight money policy. Meanwhile, the offensive strategy will be carried out in stages after the pandemic outbreak, including: market expansion, implementation of technology (IT), synergy with BUMN, collaboration with foreign investors, diversification in line with the main core, and business line transformation.