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PTPP Raih Penghargaan dalam Ajang BCOMSS 2020
29 January 2021

PTPP Wins Award in 2020 BCOMSS Event

PT PP (Persero) Tbk is one of the leading construction and investment companies in Indonesia (the "Company") won the 2020 BCOMSS award. In this event, the Company won the Silver Rank (2nd place) in the Internal Communications Implementation category for the "PP Digital Channel program. ". The company represented by Agus Purbianto as Director of Finance & Risk Management received the award on Friday night (29/01). The awarding of the trophy award was submitted directly to the 2020 BCOMMS Jury Team, namely the Minister of BUMN RI Erick Thohir, Najwa Shihab, and Effendi Gazali.

BUMN Corporate Communications & Sustainability Summit (“BCOMMS”) is the first event organized by the Association of We Young Can, an affiliate of the BUMN Foundation for Indonesia which aims to give appreciation to BUMN work programs in 2020. BCOMMS itself is an award event dedicated to companies BUMN that has the best work program in the field of Communication & Sustainability. Competing with 142 other BUMN companies, 4 (four) of the Company's work programs were successfully nominated. In his remarks, the Minister of BUMN of the Republic of Indonesia, Erick Thohir, emphasized that communication is a reflection of trust where public trust in BUMN is currently extraordinary thanks to good communication.