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PTPP Segera Tuntaskan Pembangunan Istora Papua
17 September 2020

PTPP Will Complete The Istora Papua Soon

PT PP (Persero) Tbk (“the Company”) will complete the construction of the Papua Sports Palace (“Istora”) project which has reached 98% progress. Istora Papua was built in order to welcome the National Sports Week ("PON") which will be held in the easternmost province of Indonesia, namely Papua. Supporting infrastructure readiness is very important in this biggest sporting event in Indonesia. The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (“PUPR”) and the Regional Government of Papua Province are given responsibility and trust by the Central Government to build supporting venues for the PON event, where one of the venues is being built, namely Istora Papua.

The Istora Papua Venue is a multi-functional venue with a capacity of 3,674 seats, consisting of 3,148 Tribune seats, 510 VIP seats, and 16 VVIP seats. In addition, Istora Papua has the following field capacities: 8 badminton courts, 1 basketball court, 6 volleyball courts, a gymnastic arena, and a warm-up arena.

The project, which is owned by the Ministry of PUPR, is located in Harapan Village, East Sentani District, Jayapura, Papua. The Venue Istora Papua is a building with a typical Papuan architectural design which can be seen from the shape of the roof covering of Istora Papua which resembles a Papuan honai which symbolizes unity and association. In addition, there are Papuan mural motifs on several sides of the building. This extraordinary design is the original work of the Indonesian people where the Company was trusted by the Ministry of PUPR to work on this building.

Istora Papua was built in August 2019 and has an area of ​​7,740 square meters where at this time, this venue is the largest Istora in Indonesia, more than Istora Gelora Bung Karno which is located in Jakarta. Projects that have a contract value of Rp. 278 billion was undertaken with an implementation period of 23 (twenty three) months. The scope of work includes structural work, architectural work, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (“MEP”) work, arena work, landscape work, etc.

The hard work of the nation's children has yielded tangible results by setting an extraordinary national record. The construction of the Istora Papua project has won 3 (three) Awards from the Indonesian World Records Museum (“MURI”). The MURI award categories that were successfully obtained by the project are as follows:

1. Arch steel roof structure with the longest span, where the istora steel roof structure in the form of a dome with a span of 90 meters is a building with a curved steel structure with the longest span in Indonesia;

2. Dome structure with the widest bolt-free roof where the Istora Papua roof cover is also the widest dome roof with an area of ​​7,300 square meters without bolt joints;

3. Textile Duct installation with the longest internal diameter ring where the air cooling system at Venue Istora Papua has used a textile duct installation with a length of 477 meters. This cooling system keeps the air cool but has a laminar airflow to accommodate the standard competitions of several sports such as badminton.

Although the location of the Istora Papua project is located in Eastern Indonesia which has various challenges in the implementation of its construction, with high enthusiasm and commitment to produce the best work for the Indonesian people, the Company continues to work hard to complete the construction of this venue. With the construction of this venue, it is hoped that it can be the pride of the Indonesian people and can provide benefits to the Indonesian people, especially the people in Papua Province.