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PTPP Selenggarakan Peresmian Tempat Pelayanan Kesehatan Kerja, Pemberian Paket Sembako, dan Vaksinasi Covid-19
10 August 2021

PTPP Held the Inauguration of Occupational Health Service Places, Provision of Food Packages, and Covid-19 Vaccinations

PT PP (Persero) Tbk, one of the leading, leading, and largest construction and investment companies in Indonesia (“PTPP”) shows concern for others by conducting various series of social activities. This activity was also carried out in commemoration of the 68th birthday of PTPP which falls on 26 August. In the event held this morning, PTPP inaugurated an occupational health service in the company's environment. The health service center was established by PTPP in order to strengthen the company's commitment and concern in fighting the Covid-19 outbreak. In addition to functioning to deal with Covid-19, the health service place named "First Aid Station" also functions as a place for public health services for employees who need immediate treatment who are not infected with Covid-19. With the existence of occupational health services in the office environment, it is expected to improve health services for PTPP employees.

In addition to inaugurating the First Aid Station, PTPP also distributed free basic food packages today to workers and the community around the company. The assistance was given as a tangible manifestation of the Company's concern for workers during the Covid-19 Pandemic and in commemoration of PTPP's birthday. In the distribution of the free basic food packages, the Company distributed 1,068 (one thousand sixty-eight) packages. Where the basic food packages distributed to workers and the community consist of 5 (five) kg of premium rice, 1 (one) kg of granulated sugar, 1 (one) liter of cooking oil, 1 (one) can of sardines, 5 (five) packs of instant noodles, 1 (one) 225 ml sweet soy sauce, and 1 (one) can of sardines. The food packages were distributed directly to workers and communities around PTPP's office environment. The distribution of basic necessities to the Company's employees within the company during this pandemic is an activity that is being held for the fourth time.

In addition to inaugurating occupational health services and distributing basic food packages, PTPP also held a Covid-19 vaccination for the community around the office environment where this vaccination was the first stage. In this activity, PTPP provides 500 (five hundred) doses of Sinovac brand vaccine which is intended for the surrounding community. In this activity, PTPP also provided masks, hand sanitizers, vitamins, and medicines as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and increase body immunity.

The three activities that took place this morning were attended, inaugurated, and symbolically handed over by Novel Arsyad as the President Director who was accompanied by Agus Purbianto as the Director of Finance & Risk Management, Sinur Linda Gustina as the Director of HCM & Corporate Strategy and PTPP Management. As a form of prevention and spread of Covid-19, these activities are carried out by implementing strict Covid-19 health protocols, such as the obligation to use masks, wash hands, maintain a safe distance, not in direct contact, etc. The event was held today, Tuesday (10/08) at PTPP Head Office, Jakarta.

"Currently PTPP must move quickly and transparently in handling Covid-19, this is realized by carrying out activities today in the form of inauguration of occupational health services in the office environment, distribution of basic food packages, and giving Covid-19 vaccinations to the surrounding community. In addition, the activity carried out this morning is also one of the series of PTPP's 68th Anniversary which falls on 26 August. Through today's program, PTPP wants to have a real impact on its presence in the community, especially during this pandemic. The existence of PTPP in the community does not only provide economic value but also social value for the surrounding community," said Novel Arsyad as President Director of PTPP to the media.

"As one of the state-owned companies that cares and supports the Government's efforts to get out of the Covid-19 pandemic immediately, it is by establishing herd immunity through vaccination activities for the community. Therefore, PTPP is always committed to supporting the success of the Covid-19 vaccination program that is being carried out by the Government as one of the efforts to overcome the pandemic. On this day, PTPP organizes vaccination activities for the community around the company's environment. Previously, PTPP had also participated in the success of the vaccination program by facilitating all company employees and their family members," Novel added.