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PTPP Sukses Selenggarakan Topping Off Ceremony Maritime Tower
20 May 2021

PTPP Successfully Holds the Maritime Tower Topping Off Ceremony

PT PP (Persero) Tbk (“the Company”) carried out the topping off ceremony for the construction of the Maritime Tower project which was held on Wednesday afternoon (19/05). The topping off ceremony was also attended by Anton Satyo Hendriatmo as Director of Operation 1 of the Company, Hamra Samal as Deputy President Director of PT IPC, Zuhri Iryansyah as Technical Director of PT IPC, M. Hadi Syafitri Noor as President Commissioner of PT Menara Maritim Indonesia, and Bagus Dwipiyon as the President Director of PT Menara Maritim Indonesia jointly conducted the Topping Off Ceremony of the maritime Tower located in North Jakarta. The topping off ceremony was held at the project development site by strictly implementing the Covid-19 health protocol.

The Gatot Subroto BRI Tower construction project located in Jakarta is targeted to be completed in the third quarter of 2021. The project, which is owned by PT Menara Maritim Indonesia, has a contract value of Rp. 706 billion. Armed with the experience and quality of work produced by the Company in working on various types of projects in Indonesia, especially high-rise buildings, the Company is trusted by PT Menara Maritim Indonesia to work on the construction of the Maritime Tower in North Jakarta. The scope of work carried out by the Company, among others: planning work, licensing, preparation, landscape work, structural work, steel work, architectural work, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (“MEP”) work, etc. This Maritime Tower development project consists of 1 (one) basement floor, 6 (six) commercial & parking floors, and 24 (twenty four) tower floors. As of early May 2021, the progress of the Martime Tower project construction has reached 78.31%. Maritime Tower also meets green building standards that have been certified by the Green Building Council Indonesia ("GBCI") with a Gold rating. The shape of the Maritime Tower building has a transformation concept such as the shape of a phinisi ship which has become its own characteristic in office and commercial environments in North Jakarta.

The construction of the Maritime Tower project uses the innovative Berlin Wall (“DPT”) made of IWF 250,125 steel and combined with a hollow 50.50 that functions as a reinforcing frame that supports concrete panels. The DPT method is carried out to protect the excavation in the GWT / STP area with alternative materials other than steel / concrete sheet pile in the hope that the installation will not cause vibrations that can disturb local residents. The manufacture of DPT can increase the cost efficiency by about 50% from the use of steel sheetpile. The implementation of this project implements BIM and prioritizes performance quality and HSE performance in every development process.