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Our Policy

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Quality Policy
  • Care about customers desire and satisfaction
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Technical Engineering and Business Approach
  • Utilization of Advanced Technology
  • HP professionalism with global insight
Safety, Health and Environment Policy
  • Prevention to work injury illnesses
  • Continuous improvement of occupational safety, health, and environmental management by involving related parties
  • Care about healthy work environment and consider any environmental impacts in every work activity
  • Efficient use of resources in every activity and participate actively in environmental and natural sustainability
  • The implementation of the SHE Management System complies to the applicable regulations and requirements
  • The company actively encourages the involvement, participation, and consultation for MI employees and vendors to improve the health, safety, and environment management system
Risk Management Policy
  • Implementing integrated corporate risk management in the company's strategic planning and operational processes, as a manifestation of the implementation of Good Corporate Governance
  • The Board of Directors as the highest accountability holder in risk management, provides strategic direction and sets risk parameters
  • The Risk Management Unit provides the suggestion or recommendation to the Board of Directors on risk management, risk profiles monitoring, risks measurement and review effectiveness of risk management plans
  • The related unit as the owner and manager of risk is responsible and accountable for managing risk consistently and sustainably
Anti-Bribery Management Policy
  • Upholding the company's values and code of ethics by MI company personnel in carrying out the company, activities and operations
  • Comply to all anti-bribery laws and regulations
  • Fulfill and implement the Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) requirements effectively, consistently and efficiency with continuous improvement efforts
  • Encourage and train company personnel to care and engage in good manner in the worry-free implementation of the anti-bribery management system
  • Do not tolerate bribery (Zero Tolerance) in any company implementation activities
  • Disciplinary compliance of all employees of the company to anti-bribery values, code M ethics, provisions, regulations, policies and procedures
  • Build the relationship and synergies based on the principle of integrity and anti-bribery values in every interactions of the company with all interested parties
  • Establish an independent Anti-Bribery Compliance Function ("FKAP") with the authority to fulfill the company's anti-bribery requirement
  • Take on assertive penalty against all forms of violations, non-compliance and deviations from this anti-bribery policy in accordance with applicable regulations
Information Security Policy
  • Protect the information assets Horn various form of threats so that the important information belongs to and or managed by the company is not revealed to unauthorized parties (Confidentiality)
  • Ensure the validity, accurary and comprehensive of information (Integrity)
  • Ensure the availability of information, so that the important information for the continuity of business processes is always available anytime needed (Availability)

Jakarta, July 27th 2020

President Director Sign

Novel Arsyad

President Director

SK No. 125/SK/PP/DIR/2020