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Whistleblowing System

The existence of WBS is part of the internal control system in preventing irregular practices. It can be said that the existence of the WBS for PT PP (Persero) Tbk is expected to be an effective system in uncovering the occurrence of various forms of irregularities and being able to resolve them in a short time with the aim of:

  • Create a conducive climate and encourage reporting of matters that can cause financial and non-financial losses that can damage the Company's image and reduce losses incurred due to violations through early detection.
  • Dealing with violations internally first, before expanding into public violations and reducing the risks faced by the Company, as a result of violations both in terms of finance, operations, law, work safety and reputation.
  • Facilitate management in handling reports of violations effectively and at the same time protect the confidentiality of the reporter's identity and maintain the confidentiality of information in special archives whose security is guaranteed.
  • Increasing the Company's reputation in the eyes of stakeholders (stakeholders), regulators and the general public.